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The Town of Lake Mills is seeking bids to wedge several areas of roadway. Wedges of hot or cold mix are acceptable in either location. The area has been marked and approximate lineal footages determined.


All estimates should include:

Price per lineal foot of hot mix asphalt and cold mix asphalt

All charges in setting up and installing wedge

Traffic control while installing asphalt


Roads to be considered:

Elm Point Road: 3 locations as marked:  2  over culverts ( both lanes) or sewer lines (both lanes) were installed and 1 where the roadway puddles water ( one lane east bound).

Helena Drive: as marked/  roadway is alligatoring seriously on the South bound lane ( both lanes).

All areas marked in white paint and the lineal footage approximately 200 feet.

We plan to sealcoat this roadway and would ask that the work be done before Sept. 1, 2016


Please return bids to:

Town of Lake Mills

1111 South Main Street

Lake Mills, WI 53551


All bids must be in our mailbox by Monday, August 8, 2016 @5:00PM

Questions? Hope Oostdik 920-675-6464