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Garbage Collection is provided by Johns Disposal
Website: www.johnsdisposal.com

Collection Schedule: JohnsDisposal.com


Garbage pick up in the Town of Lake Mills is based on two routes.

Route #1 is the Sandy Beach Road, Pine Street, Linden Street, North end of Rock Lake, Shorewood Hills, Bridle Path, Elm Point and Korth Highlands area.  Pick up days in this area are MONDAYS

Route # 2 is the rest of the Town outside of the areas listed under route #1. Pick up days for this area are TUESDAYS.

Depositing of garbage or recyclables in the town road right of ways, at the curbside or roadside of private property NOT owned by or occupied by that person is illegal and will also result in citations.  This includes the dumping of garbage into dumpsters or bins on private property. (ord. 3-9)