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Shorewood Hills North Phase III is located at Polo Ln, Bridle Path and County Hwy B in the Town of Lake Mills.  The subdivision was platted and started around the year 2000 by Greyhorse Home Sites LLC, but was not completed.  The property was purchased by Kason, LLC in 2016 with the intention of completing the development. 


The following are final plat documents submitted to the Town by Kason, LLC.  Discussion and decision on the final plat is on the November 1, 2016 Plan Commission agendaTown Board will hold a special meeting to discuss same immediately following adjournment of the Plan Commission meeting.  The Plan Commission meeting will begin at 8:00PM at Town Hall, 1111 S. Main St., Lake Mills.

Resubmitted Street and Utility Plans

Final Plat

Final Storm Water Easement Agreement

Developers Agreement

Sanitary Sewer Approval

DNR Approval

Project Manual

Utility Easement



The following are plans submitted to the Town by General Engineering Company on behalf to developer Kason, LLC.  Discussion and decisions are included on the Town Board meeting agenda  to be held August 10, 2016 at 8:00PM at Town Hall, 1111 S. Main St. 

Preliminary Plat Shorewood Hills Phase III

Recorded Final Plat Shorewood Hills North

Shorewood Hills North Phase III Street and Utility Construction Plans

Project Manual - October 2015

DRAFT Stormwater Easement Agreement

DRAFT Developers Agreement



The following are related documents on file from previous activity:

Wetland delineation - Fall 2015

Developers agreement between Town and original developer Greyhorse Home Sites LLC