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Request for Proposals for Lawn Maintenance and Mowing

February 19, 2021

Request for Proposals for Lawn Maintenance and Mowing

Town of Lake Mills / RFP

Municipal Lawn Mowing Services

 Request for Proposal for Lawn Maintenance and Mowing in Town Parks and Recreation Areas Listed Below within the Town of Lake Mills:

The Town of Lake Mills is interested in seeking an insured lawn and landscape contractor to mow lawns and keep public areas free of weeds and branches. There are 7 small areas, listed below, that requiring regular maintenance during the spring, summer,  and fall. 


1. Town Hall/ 1111 South Main : Front Lawn and Tree Lawn

2. Ferry Park/Launch/ N6720 Lake Lane:   Lawn and Beach areas surrounding the launch/ weed & debris

3. Phillips Park/W 8252 Bridle Path : lawn and  weed control in play areas

4. Shorewood Hills Road/ Boulder Wall /opposite N6644 SHR: Trim and keep weed free

5. Miljola Park/N6480 Shorewood Hills Road : Lawn/ weed & debris  control

6. Elm Point Boat Launch/W8198 Elm Point Road : lawn/weed & debris control

7. Public Access lake access at W8130( 70 ft. access marked with cedar rails  / Elm Point Road


Requirements: The contractor must be insured and can provide a certificate of insurance.  Invoicing for the services must be submitted by the 1st of each month to be paid at the following monthly meeting.  The Town Board or designated representative, reserves the right to delay services during period of low or no growth and work must be completed during daylight hours and safety precautions taken. The contractor is responsible for disposal of any debris collected during service. An agreement will be signed by both parties after an accepted proposal is determined.


Please submit a SEALED proposal, LABELED “MOWING” along with proof of insurance before 5:00Pm on March 5, 2021 by mail or drop box at: Town Hall, 1111 South Main Street in Lake Mills, WI 53551.

 Proposals will be opened at the Town’s regular meeting on March 9, 2021   @7:00PM.   

Proposal Selection Criteria:

·        All proposals, submitted by the deadline, will be reviewed and evaluated based in the information in the submitted proposal.

·        The Town reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.

Cost Proposal Breakdown:

Please include a summary of materials, equipment used, and a total per mowing event for all of the locations listed above. Any additional information deemed helpful is welcome.


Please provide details of liability insurance coverage or any bonds or licensing provided on this project.


Hope Oostdik /TLM Chair

[email protected]

Cell: 920-675-6464/ Home: 920-648-8483.