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April 6, 2021 Spring Election Results

April 7, 2021

April 6, 2021 Spring Election Results

Town of Lake Mills Wards 1-3 (Town results only) TOTAL BALLOTS CAST 665

State Senator Dist. 13

DEM Melissa Winker 390

REP John Jagler 242

IND Spencer Zimmerman 23

IND Ben Schmitz 4

Write-in: Pridemore 2

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Jill Underly 377

Deborah Kerr 254

Write-in 2

Municipal Judge for Lake Mills Town/City

Vincent Guerrero 476

Write-in 4

Lake Mills Town Chairperson:

Registered Write In Canidates:

Brian Benisch 137

Thomas Buechel 149 (Winner)

Other various un-registered write in candidates made up the remaining total of 291

Lake Mills Town Board Supervisor I

David Schroeder 498 (Winner)

Write in 2

Lake Mills Town Supervisor II

James Heinz 499 (Winner)

Write-in 1

Lake Mills Town Clerk

Robin Untz 552 (Winner)

Write in 2

Lake Mills Town Treasurer

Sharon Guenterberg 543 (Winner)

Write in 0

Cambridge School Board Member

Jim Womble 28

Jay Fisher 25

Write in 10

Lake Mills Area School Board Member

Andrew Palmer 223

Ken Eimers 299

Brianna Behselich 314

Write in 3

Town of Lake Mills- Cambridge Fire/EMS Station Referendum

Yes 346

No 269