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Notice of Public Hearing

September 26, 2021

Notice of Public Hearing


Public Hearing

Oct 11, 2021

7pm at the Town Hall 

Notice is hereby given by the Town Board of the Town of Lake Mills, Wisconsin, that a public hearing will be held on the 11th of October, 2021 for review of the amendments to Town Ordinance 3-1 Public Nuisances.

The Town Board will adopt the amended Ordinances at the monthly Board meeting directly following the adjournment of the Public Hearing.

All persons wishing to be heard are invited to be present.

The entire proposed Ordinance with changes is available at: 3-1 Proposed Draft of Public Nuisances

Summary of proposed amendments are as follows:

The Town Board of the Town of Lake Mills does amend Town ordinance 3-1 Public Nuisances as follows:

3-1-4 Definitions:

(4)  Public Nuisances Affecting Peace and Safety. 

            (p) Any excessive or intense outdoor Lighting and Building Lighting: All luminaries designed or intended for the purpose of lighting any lot or building on the premises shall limit, to the greatest extent possible, spill-over of light into the sky, traffic corridor, adjacent properties, or adjacent premisesAny mounted lighting shall be appropriately shielded or be directed as to prevent glare. Fixtures should be of a type, or adequately shielded so as to prevent glare from normal viewing angles.

a.The goal is to regulate the light so there is not excessive light overflow on to a neighboring parcel. A general way of doing that is by the use of full cut off light fixtures. Full cut off light fixtures are defined as a light fixture or luminaire constructed and installed iin such a manner that all light emitted from the luminaire, either directly from the lamp or a diffusing element, or indirectly by reflection from any part of the fixture, is protected below the horizontal plane through the fixture’s lowest light emitting port. Essentially all light shall be directed down.

3-1-7:    PENALTY:

(1)  First Offense/Penalty.  Any person who shall violate this subsection, shall, upon conviction thereof, forfeit the penalty amount determined on the town Fee Schedule together with the court cost and may be imprisoned in the County Jail until said forfeiture and costs are paid but not exceeding ninety (90) days.

(2)  Second Offense/Penalty.  Any person guilty of violating this subsection or any part of this subsection who shall previously have been convicted of violation of the same ordinance or subsection upon conviction thereof forfeit the penalty amount determined on the Town’s Fee Schedule, together with the court costs and in default of payment of such forfeiture and costs may be imprisoned in the County Jail until said forfeiture and court costs are paid but not to exceed six (6)

This ordinance shall go into effect upon adoption.

Copies of the entire proposed ordinance with the changes can be requested from the Town Clerk.

Adopted this 26th day of September , 2021

                                                                        Thomas Buechel, Town Chairperson

                                                                        James Heinz, Supervisor

                                                                        David Schroeder, Supervisor


Robin Untz, Town Clerk