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Notice of Non-Candidacy Filed

December 15, 2022

Notice of Non-Candidacy Filed

Notification of Noncandidacy has been filed with the Town Clerk on December 15, 2022, by David Schroeder, the incumbent officeholder for the office of Town Supervisor I, stating that he will not be a candidate for the office of Town Supervisor I at the next election, April 4, 2023. By filing this notification for noncandidacy of this office it avoids an extension of the deadline for filing ballot access documents.

Qualified electors interested in becoming a candidate for Town Offices (Notice of Spring Election) may contact the Town Clerk for Nomination Papers and information packets; documents are also available on the State’s website. Deadline to file Nominations Papers/ Ballot Access Papers with the Town Clerk is 5pm, January 3, 2023.

Robin Untz, Town Clerk