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Regulation of Fireworks

June 28, 2023

Regulation of Fireworks

Reminder that the Burn Ban for the Town of Lake Mills and those issued by local fire departments is still in affect until further notice. Use of fireworks is highly discouraged at this time.

As a reminder, IF the burn bans are lifted there are still regulations of fireworks to consider. Please review the Town of Lake Mills Fireworks Ordinance. The sale of fireworks is prohibited with in the Town of Lake Mills and a permit is required for most fireworks; general rule of thumb is that illegal fireworks are fireworks that leave the ground, not all fireworks sold in Wisconsin road side stands are considered legal fireworks based on State Statutes Firework Regulations or local regulations, please educate yourselves about the laws before you purchase. Paper permits handed out at these fireworks stands do not allow you to use the fireworks, are not a permit and do not relieve you of knowing your local regulations.

A permit is required for all other fireworks use and the applicant must meet the criteria and provide the required information per Town ordinance linked above.

Safety should always be #1 priority for yourself, your family and community while having fun this 4th of July season.