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Ditch Mowing

Notice is hereby given by the Town of Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin, that it will receive sealed bids for:
 Ditch mowing of all Town roads within the Town of Lake Mills
  38 miles / Twice annually/   Spring( after Memorial Day and Fall ( after Labor Day)
 to completely cut  grasses and small brush within the Right of Way
Please give any information on the size of equipment to be used and any other valuable information available.
 Bids due on or before 7:00 PM local time  on the May 09, 2017
 in the mailbox of the Town Hall of the Town of Lake Mills located at 1111 South Main Street Lake Mills, WI 53551
 Bids will be publicly opened and read at 8:00 at the regular Town Board meeting May 09, 2017
Contractors may wish to be present to answer questions about their equipment and services.
Questions may be addressed by appointment on site or at the Town Hall . Please call  Hope Oostdik 920-648-8483
 Certificate of Insurance, together with an executed contract, will be required of the successful bidder.
 The owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids.
                                                                                                Hope Oostdik Town Chair





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