Communication to the Town Board, Commission and Committee members are encouraged to go through the Town Clerk primarily to help with keeping records of communications as part of the open records laws and transparency.

Phone: (920) 648-5867

[email protected]

Town Board:


Thomas Buechel

Phone: (920) 650-6808

[email protected]

Supervisor I

David Schroeder

Phone: (920) 648-8103

[email protected]

Supervisor II

Jim Heinz

Phone: (920) 723-0255

[email protected]

Town Clerk

Robin Untz

Phone: (920) 648-5867
[email protected]


Sharon Guenterberg

Phone: (920) 988-4944

[email protected]

Multi-Jursidictional Municipal Court Judge

Vincent Guerrero

Plan Commission

Communication for Commission can be submitted through the Town Clerk

Steve Nass, Plan Chairperson

Sara Muchka

Steve Zekoff, Plan Com. Secretary

James Battist

James Heinz, Town Board Representative

Joint Rock Lake Committee

Communication for Committee can be submitted through the Town Clerk

Wendy Catalani Davies- (Town Representative) JRLC Chairperson

Trisha Fullerton (Town Representative)

Patrick Stevens (City Representative)-JRLC Secretary

Daniel Smith-Town Representative

Kevin Lehner, (City Representative)

Parks Committee

Communication for Committee can be submitted through the Town Clerk

Jason Shearier- Parks Committee Chairperson

Thomas Buechel- Town Board Representative

Donna Gruszynski

Linda Zuehlke

Rick Sapp

Town Hall Facilities Committee

Communication for Committee can be submitted through the Town Clerk

Robin Untz (Town Board Representative-Admin) Chairperson

James Heinz (Town Board Representative)

David Roedl

Thomas Williams

Greg Froehle

Town Services:


Stephen Mahlik, Assessor

Equity Appraisal LLC

Phone: (608) 826-0009

Building Inspector:

Chris Butschke, Town Building Inspector


Office hour at town hall on Tuesdays from 11am-12noon.

Phone number: (608) 576-6371  

For more building inspection, assessment and Board of Review information click here

Town Engineer:

Cory Horton, RaSmith (Communication to be submitted to Town Clerk. Services provided may qualify to be assessed back to inquirer or petitioner receiving the services)


Town Properties are under Jefferson County Zoning – For general questions contact the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Department at (920)674-7130

For petitions for rezoning, variances, conditional use permits etc. Review the Town Petition Process document under “Forms and Permits” and contact the Town Clerk

For more Zoning information click here

Emergency Services: IF IT’S AN EMERGENCY, CALL 9-1-1

Fire and Emergency Medical Service:

Cambridge Fire and EMS: Phone: (608) 423-3511

Lake Mills Fire Department: Phone: (920) 648-5117

Law Enforcement:

(Jefferson County Dispatch will connect to a Town or County Officer on duty)

Town of Lake Mills Police Department: (920) 988-1944

General Police Department email inquires: [email protected]

Michael Selck, Chief of Police Email: [email protected]

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department: Phone (920)674-7310 non-emergency