Ordinances & Resolutions

1-3 Meetings approved 2.11.2020

1-12 Alternates for Board of Review

1-14 Municipal Court

1-15 Code of Ethics

2-1 Alcohol Beverage Licensing and Control

2-5 Direct Sellers, Transient Merchants and Solicitors

2-5 Notice (summary) of Proposed Amendments Mar 2015

3-1 Public Nuisances

3-10 Outdoor and Refuse Burning Ordinance

4-2 Dogs

5-2 Regulation of Water Traffic, Boating and Water Sports upon the Waters of Rock Lake amended 1-14-14

5-4 Land and Subdivision Regulations adopted 6.8.2021

5-5 Traffic on Ice of Rock Lake

5-6 Regulating Piers, Wharves, Mooring Buoys, Swimming Rafts And Inflatables on Rock Lake

5-7 Driveway and Culvert Ord. adopted 6.8.2021

5-9 Building Inspection amended 9.10.13

5-10 Weight Limits

5-11 Parks Committee

5-14 Plan Commission Draft of amendment 3.2020

5-15 Joint Rock Lake Committee

5-16 Placement of Homes or Structures on Parcels of Land Outside of a Platted Subdivision

5-18 Slow no wake

5-22 Parks (adopted March 9, 2010)

5-23 Cemetery Ordinance

5-24 Special Events

5-26 Raze Building and Removal of Personal Property final adoped 8.8.2018

6-2 Driving Regulations amended December 2012 - includes parking regulations

6-3 Abandoned, Illegally Park Vehicles-adopted 10.8.19

6-6 ATV & UTV Routes

Building Inspection Fee Schedule

Code of Ethics Statement for Officers and Candidates

New State Law for Piers, Wharfs

Resolution of Town Fee Schedule 2019-1210

Resolution-Revise Local Legal Posting Locations

The Town of Lake Mills Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Town Fee Schedule 2019-1210