Boat Launch Information

The Town of Lake Mills require boat launch permits from May 1-September 30 of each year.  Daily  and Annual Launch Permit envelopes are available at the boat launches at the beginning of the season.

  • Daily Permits  $8.00 (yellow envelope)
  • Annual Permits $60.00 (white envelope)

Annual Boat Launch Permit Application

All permits must be purchased through the envelope system at the boat launches.  We highly recommend submitting the fee via check rather than cash.

IF no white annual permit envelopes are available at the launch, please use a yellow envelope, mark it "ANNUAL PERMIT FEE ENCLOSED" and include you telephone number on the envelope so the town clerk may contact you for additional required information needed for our files.

Keep the tab from the envelope and place it on your dash to prove a permit has been purchased.  An annual sticker will be mailed to you promptly.  Envelope tabs will be void after 15 days from the date of the purchase.

Contact the town clerk for any questions.

Town Boat Launches where permits are required:

  •    North End Boat Launch by Jefferson County Park
  •    Ferry Park Launch on Lake Lane
  •    Elm Point Road Launch

The Town Boat Launch Permits are not valid at City of Lake Mills Launches and City of Lake Mills Launch Permits are not valid at Town of Lake Mill Launches.

Daily permits must be placed on the dash board of the launch vehicle.  Annual permits must be adhered to the lower, driver's side of the windshield. The Town of Lake Mills is not responsible for lost or stolen permits.  No refunds or replacements will be allowed.

Contact Sharon, Town Treasurer for more information (920) 648-8921

Mail payments to: Sharon Guenterberg, Town Treasurer, W8875 Airport Rd, Waterloo, WI 53594