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For the complete ordinance please contact the town clerk.  A riparian property owner having a site on Rock Lake may build a pier without a permit with the following restrictions:

(1)  It must be constructed by the person who owns the site or with his or her permission.
(2)  It must be placed on wooden or metal posts, without using fill material, concrete, rocks, cribs, roofs, or walls.
(3)  It must not obstruct navigation or the free flow of water.
(4)  It may not be enclosed.
(5)  It must not interfere with another riparian's pier or access to Rock Lake.
(6)  The pier shall be set back a minimum of 10 feet from any adjoining site sideline.  This does not apply in the event that the riparian owner's lake front is under 12 feet in width.
(7)  No more than a maximum of two boats per pier with a maximum of
two piers and 4 boats per Raparian owner, may be moored, stored, anchored, lifted, or otherwise located within the authorized pier use area of each site.
8)  The length of the pier shall not be a distance of more than 50 feet, measured from the shoreline, and parallel to the site sidelines.  If at the distance of 50 feet the water depths less than
3 feet, the pier may be extended to a maximum distance of 100 feet, or to a point where the water depth is 3 feet, whichever is lesser.
(9)  All seasonal piers shall not be installed earlier than March 1 and shall be removed from Rock Lake not later than November 1 of each year.
(10)  The maximum number of piers per riparian site shall be 2.
(11)  No advertising signs may be displayed from any pier or other structure or device.
(12)  Installation of fueling facilities on piers is prohibited.