Snow Removal

Request for Snow Removal /Highway Maintenance Proposals

The Town of lake Mills is soliciting proposals for several types of Highway Maintenance. Please see the enclosed list of projects and specifications or view the lists and specifications on line at

The Town Board will not be obligated to accept the lowest proposal. The acceptance of the proposal will reflect on the dependability and the manner in which each contractor has performed in the past or from references provided by the contractor in the proposal.

All proposals must include a certificate of insurance, in the amount of two million dollars($2,000,000.00)  which shall insure against any and all liability that results from the contractors acts or omissions. The contractor will assume all responsibility to perform the work specified. Please include all linear footage prices and any other details relevant to the project that is being bid.

Proposals are due by 5:00PM on Friday August 2, 2019.

 Bids opened on Tuesday  August 13,2019 @ 8:00PM

All proposals should be delivered to the Town Hall mail box @ 1111 South Main Street Lake Mills, WI 53551 in a plain envelope marked Snow Removal/Highway maintenance.

Any and all questions may be directed to the Town Chair

Hope Oostdik@ [email protected] or by phone to (920) 648-8483.